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3 Stylish Pieces to Wear This Fall and Winter

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Here are some pieces in my closet I am absolutely in love with and that are trendy to wear this Fall and Winter.

While we may not get to enjoy social gatherings as much due to the pandemic, these are classic and somewhat timeliness pieces you can buy and keep in your closet for when it's safe to gather again.

I am not a fashion or style expert just sharing my favorite looks with affordable places where you can shop in the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. I also want to make sure to share these in case some awesome Black Friday sales come up so that you can take advantage!

1) Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots add a classic look of sophistication and style to any dress or skirt. This is a fashion trend endorsed by major designers in fashion week cities that can be worn through this Fall and Winter season.

I got my boots at Shoe Carnival in McAllen, but I am sure you can find these at other stores like Khols, DSW, or Macy's, to name a few.

2. Belted Vests

I personally love how versatile a cute belted vest can be. You can dress it up or down with pants, a skirt or dress. Houndstooth or brown are two that are so beautiful and chic! When wearing these you can define your waistline with a cute statement belt. For this outfit, I paired my vests with over-the-knee boots and a pencil skirt with a basic black t-shirt. You could also opt for a versatile black dress.

3. Beret Hats

Beret hats trace back to France and when worn can create an instant classy and elegant look. For the ultimate chic look, pair these with statement black boots (definitely recommend high or over-the-knee boots as pictured).

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