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In the news! RGV TikTok couple giving away Thanksgiving meals

Thank you CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley for helping share our story and spreading the word about our Thanksgiving Giveaway.

A big thank you our business partners TACOS PEPE, Las Pupusas del Itacate, Teddy's Barbecue, and Bri Bri’s Grill. This is a true collaboration to help our community!

“More than 40 thousand people follow the couple on TikTok as they document life in the RGV on a daily basis. They chose to give back to the community that’s supported them so well.

“We’re both blessed to have full time jobs and we know that’s not the case for many families in the valley,” said Claudia, one of the contributors to the TikTok account. “We know they’ve gone through a lot of hardships. We wanted to use our platform and our reach to give back to those families.’”

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